Welcome to TRUE DEFINITION STUDIOS,  where you don't come for just a work-out, but for an experience where you define yourself from the inside out.


      We started out as a Pilates studio in 2016. If you've ever done Pilates, you know. Nothing strengthens your body and gets deep into the muscles as Pilates does. At True Definition, we want everyone to know! Whether it's used as your main workout, or a supplement, we believe in it! Our passion drives us to give every client that walks through the door a full, unique experience. Whether you are a man or woman, an athlete, a dancer, a gym bunny or have never done Pilates in your life, you will fit right in. We have a full apparatus studio now, and teach classical Pilates with a modern twist. We are also sure to offer modifications and advancements and different class types to accommodate everyone. In 2018, we added our second studio for Aerial, Yoga and Barre which are all amazing supplements to Pilates. In the end we know that you could work-out anywhere, but you've chosen us! That's something that won't be forgotten.

        Pilates, Aerial, Yoga & Barre are all amazing, kick-ass work-outs, no doubt! You will love sweating it out and using your muscles in ways your never imagined. You'll get to know yourself- body and mind alike. All of our instructors have multiple fitness certifications and care deeply about your goals and results as well as your safety.  You will never be bored with our workouts, especially when you are jamming to some awesome tunes.  That's what will keep you coming back: the fun, encouraging environment and the community you'll help to build at True Definition. Pair all of that with the fact that we are located at TEST Sports Club, a state of the art, elite, 24,000 sq ft fitness center and health club that is on the cutting edge of the fitness and sports performance industry, where professional athletes train on the regular and you just can't go wrong.

      So, do you want to Define yourself? Come join us. There's an apparatus waiting for you where you'll tone up, tune in and rock out!

I am all about Pilates Reformer! This is the first time I have ever found myself committing to working out. It’s been a little over a year since I started Pilates with Toni and I have definitely noticed more tone and shape to my body. I feel as though my posture has improved tremendously. I am more defined, more flexible and definitely stronger. Toni always keeps class interesting and fun by continuously switching things up. She gives great cues and really pushes you to your personal limit. I love how many different exercises can be done on the reformer. It’s never boring, always fun! I definitely recommend trying a class.
— -Christine B.