The best way to deepen your practice, perfect your form, tone your body, and truly connect your mind and body is to take some private lessons. This will enable you to ask questions you may not get to ask in a group setting, and will give you the special attention that you deserve. Learn about your body's tendencies and what modifications or advancements work or don't work for you.


Intro packages are a one time only special.

 Intro package: 2 privates


INTRO PACKAGE: 1 PRIVATE & 2 group classes


1 Private Training Session


10 privates ($105 per private) 3 mon ex.


*TEST members and AUTO-RENEW DEFINITION CLIENTS save 10% on Private packages, and MONTHLY DEFINITON members save 20%*

Duets & Trios (per person per lesson)


“I was told by my doctor that I needed to do more to increase my strength and balance. So I started working with Toni one on one at her home studio on the Reformer machine. I was amazed how over time with consistency and hard work my core became so much stronger. My balance improved greatly and I felt overall much stronger and stable.”
— Ellen R.