A barre workout is a series of movements that strengthen the entire body with no muscle overlooked. All movements should be performed rhythmically and to high-energy music. Barre combines classical Pilates with yoga and ballet conditioning. This method of exercise is far from new! It started over 50 years ago, in 1959, when Lotte Berk opened The Lotte Berk Method on Manchester Street in London. After suffering a back injury, Lotte Berk got the idea combining her ballet barre training with rehabilitative therapy, and thus The Lotte Berk Method was born. In 1971, the method was introduced to the United States when Lydia Bach, one of Lotte’s students, opened The Lotte Berk Method in Manhattan.

Today, new studios and franchises are all over the world, but each studio and each teacher puts their own spin on the method. At Definition, our signature Barre class are unlike any other you've tried! We have BARRE'D in the Pilates room which is a mixed level semi-private class is a blend of classical Pilates, cardio routines, standing/mat barre work and yoga stretches. You'll really set your own "barre" since this class is exclusive (maxing out at 6 people) and tailored to you! Get the personal attention you deserve. No need to bring a mat- you'll be using our state of the art, elevated cushioned mats with the tower apparatus as your bar! In our aerial room we have BARRE'X which is everything you love about BARRE'D, but using the aerial silks as our barre, and for suspension training such as you would find in TRX classes. If you want fast results, a barre workout is for you!